“xing (星)” means “star” in Chinese and “tera” means “many”. Xingtera, established in 2010 by industry veterans, is set to become one of the most recognizable and brightest stars in the Communication IC market. As a fabless IC company, Xingtera focuses on developing disruptive technologies to address four large markets: Home Networking, IP Camera Connectivity, Next-gen Access Network Infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT).

Xingtera has been developing ITU-T G.hn-based any-wire modern ICs since its inception. We advocate G.hn + Low power WiFi integrated solution as the home network of choice worldwide.

Xingtera has been leading the effort in promoting G.hn technology and standardization in China with the other G.hn IC allies during the past three years. Now G.hn achieves national level milestone in China. Mainland China and Taiwan harmonize on G.hn as their “smart home” wireline home network technology. In addition, seventeen global carriers, including AT&T, Telefonica, and Korea Telecom, are adopting G.hn standard and deploying G.hn technology.

As the sole startup IC company on G.hn technology, Xingtera plays an very important role to popularize G.hn into all kinds of applications worldwide.


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